Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving looks from my favorite shops.

 Picture the family at the Thanksgiving table. You gaze at your sister's dress that you wish you had spotted first. What about your cousin's precious earrings?
I run into this problem every year. Thanksgiving clothes. Because of Thanksgiving day's cooking ventures, I never want to ruin any of my nice outfits,so I end up wearing an old sweatshirt && some jeans. That's fine, but how could I resist dressing nice this year with all the great fall clothes out there! Why not check out the top 5 Thanksgiving essentials as you celebrate Thanksgiving this year. Enjoy! :)

1. The PERFECT Thanksgiving blouse at Anthropologie. I could totally walk into the dining room wearing this and walk out with everybody hating my great sense of style guts.
Check it out ---->

2. The PERFECT Thanksgiving hat. Only available from one of my favorites ( For some reason I can picture a 1940s reporter girl wearing this... Hmmm...

3. All the world should know that my favorite store is Modcloth ( ). So, logically, I have to pick favorites && choose one of their items!( No, seriously, it's adorable)!
4. Okay, Thanksgiving or not, these are just wonderful. Why? Well, they go with everything, they match my #1 Anthropologie shirt, & they are again from Modcloth. Perfect.

5. Last, but certainly not least , here is a sneak peek of one of Daily Fashionologie's very own creations. The earrings separately are $25, but with the purse it's only $40. It's a great deal && is so perfect! They are handcrafted beauties that I hope someone has the pleasure of wearing.

Well, that's a wrap for my Thanksgiving style finds! Now, you can't tell all your friends an excuse for NOT wearing a cute outfit on Thanksgiving.

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